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Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts – Culinary Central

Welcome to Culinary Central

  • Changing Times: Back to School Lunch Menus

    August 16, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Le Cordon Bleu 0 Comments

    If you went to grade school and high school sometime prior to the 2000s, then you likely share a school lunch experience that you and others would like to forget. Sickly iceberg lettuce that was passed off as salad. Worn out and over-salted canned vegetables pretending to be nutritious. Slices of pizza that were tougher than the soles of your shoes. And everything filled with enough preservatives, fat, and sodium to give a cardiologist nightmares. Continue...

  • 5 Recipe Terms You May Not Know – Understanding Kitchen Lingo

    August 16, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Sacramento 0 Comments

    If you’ve ever spent any time in a restaurant kitchen you have probably noticed that chefs seem to have their own language. There is a kitchen culture that is almost indecipherable to the average diner but is as essential to the life of a chef as his knife or wardrobe. Whether he is in the weeds or relaxing after the nightly service, the life of a chef requires almost as much endurance as it does knowledge. While a Sacramento cooking school can offer you an excellent understanding of the terms and lingo of the culinary arts here is a list of 5 terms that you may come across in your adventures in cooking to get you started. Continue...

  • The Correct Way to Present, Taste and Choose a Wine

    August 15, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Portland 0 Comments

    Whether picking out a wine to serve at home or choosing a glass from a restaurant menu , amidst the Oregon culinary scene the selection can sometimes be a little intimidating if not completely overwhelming. We all know that certain wines go better with different foods but knowing how to make the correct pairings takes a little knowledge and practice. There is nothing worse than committing to a bottle only to discover you’ve picked a mediocre wine. Knowing a few basics about the varieties available and how to read their labels can make all the difference the next time you need to purchase wine for yourself or as a gift. Continue...

  • How to Grow an Herb Garden

    August 15, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Miami 0 Comments

    Herbs are some of the most interesting plants on the planet because of their health benefits, complementary flavors to food, and powerful aromas. They have a wide variety of uses from flavoring meats and making teas to enhancing dips and treating ailments. It probably doesn't come as a surprise to hear that most modern medications have herbal extracts in them, and civilizations of old have also used them medicinally for thousands of years. If you would like to reap the benefits of these amazing plants, you could decide to grow your own herb garden for convenient use. There are many different cooking schools that even grow their own herb gardens on site. Continue...

  • How to Make Buffalo Wing Sauce

    August 14, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Boston 0 Comments

    It’s hard to believe that just 30 years ago, restaurants and grocery stores were practically giving their chicken wings away. Nobody wanted them, not even Boston cooking schools. Everyone was after the breast or the legs. Wings were a forgotten cut usually discarded. If they were used at all, it was to make chicken stock. Continue...

  • How to Keep Critters Out of Your Picnic Basket

    August 14, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Orlando 0 Comments

    A favorite subject at Florida culinary schools, planning a picnic or outdoor dining event is a great way to showcase some of your favorite recipes. You’ve utilized your finest culinary techniques to prepare the salads and sandwiches, rinsed out the basket and folded your blanket, you are now set for a summer picnic but just as you find that perfect patch of grass and lay out your spread here comes an army of ants to invade your little slice of summertime heaven. There is nothing worse than when wild critters show up as uninvited guests to your outdoor dining event. Whether you are throwing a BBQ or taking a basket on the go here are a few ways to keep pests from ruining your meal and driving you crazy. Continue...

  • A Diner’s Guide to Portland

    August 13, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Austin 0 Comments

    Our hometown of Austin is famously quirky. From SXSW to the mobile food scene to the Congress Avenue Bridge bats to the graduate of our Austin culinary schools, we’ve got more out of the ordinary ways to do things than most other cities across the country. Our methods of creative expression come through in everything we do. Spending a weekend in Austin definitely helps visitors to understand the truth behind our efforts to “Keep Austin Weird”. Continue...

  • 5 Potato Preparation Techniques

    August 13, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Minneapolis/St. Paul 0 Comments

    Potatoes are one of the world’s most versatile foods. They come in many colors and varieties and vary in size, texture, taste, shape and starch content. Although most often prepared as a side dish, they are just as versatile in everything from stews to omelets. Every Minnesota cooking school teaches a variety of techniques for preparing potatoes and once you learn these different preparation techniques you will find that keeping potatoes on hand will make it easy to enhance any number of recipes. Continue...

  • Your Guide to Community-Supported Agriculture

    August 10, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Miami 0 Comments

    There has always been a strong do-it-yourself streak in America, especially when it comes to food, but not everyone can be a farmer. The next best thing, however, is to join a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) program. These alternative food networks consist of individuals who pledge to support a farming operation through the purchase of shares. The members collectively share what is grown on the farm, including weekly boxes of farm fresh produce during growing seasons. Some farms offer other products like natural soaps, raw honey, coffee, eggs, and fresh meats. Many Florida culinary professionals rely on CSAs for both their personal and professional cooking. Continue...

  • 5 Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes

    August 10, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta 0 Comments

    One of the biggest food trends of the last decade has been the re-imagining of some of our most favorite comfort foods. This trend has brought us gourmet macaroni and cheese, gourmet pizza, gourmet burgers, and even gourmet French fries. Have you ever had fresh-cut fires drizzled with truffle oil and sprinkled with shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and smoked sea salt? No? Well, if you ever do, then you’ll know all about gourmet French fries. Continue...

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