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Celebrating National Sandwich Day

December 10, 2012 Emily Murray Sacramento 0 Comments

Celebrating National Sandwich Day

National Sandwich Day is almost upon us and before we make our national decision on November 6th, the important thing is to eat a good and nutritious meal. That is why it is so fortuitous that National Sandwich Day falls on November 3rd this year. This beloved concoction of meat, vegetables, bread, and dressing will give us the energy we need to decide our country's future…or at least perhaps what we want to focus on next in our cooking classes!

November 3rd was not always a day of great rejoicing. For centuries it had been remembered as the day that Napoleon's armies were defeated at Vyazma, and in 1954 the great artist Henri Matisse died. National Sandwich Day has changed all that. Now November 3rd is known as the day that celebrates everything that can be squeezed between two slices of bread. There will be contests, festivals, and prizes. There will be recipes, veritable fountains of recipes, flashing back and forth across the Internet. America will unite in its love for something delicious. National Sandwich Day even unites foreign countries with America, since there is no particular nation specified. Perhaps someday there will be an International Sandwich Olympics, where teams from each nation compete for the indisputable honor of being named the Champion of Sandwiches. That would make for some pretty cool cooking classes right? Perhaps Sacramento culinary schools will jump on board with this idea!

There are online contests and promotions galore. The Guardian is running an in-depth investigation of the favorite sandwich fillings of England, and will get back to us with more detailed data. A picture is slowly emerging of a nation that likes rye bread and pickled things, but it would be irresponsible to speculate before all the facts are in. Anything can happen on National Sandwich Day. In 2009 one person even cut cubes of ham and cheese and assembled them into a perfect cube, and then placed them between two pieces of bread that were cut even with the edges. This created a sandwich that was visually reminiscent of the Rubik's cube. The impact of the Rubik's Cubewich can scarcely be understood, but it could be called revolutionary.

National Sandwich Day is nothing if not inclusive. A sandwich is a description, not a prescription. Sandwiches may be classified by shape, size, and constitution. Hoagies, reubens, and veggie burgers are all part of the sandwich parade. Even ice cream sandwiches are invited to the party. Dessert sandwiches such as ice cream sandwiches may seem, at first glance, not to be proper subjects for National Sandwich Day. After all, a sandwich is more of a meal than a dessert. But since an ice cream sandwich is a filling between two pieces of bread, it's good. Eat all the ice cream sandwiches you want on National Sandwich Day. You can always try new recipes and perhaps it will even inspire you to attend one of the many Sacramento culinary schools in your area.

If you prefer you can show your sorrow at Napoleon's defeat with a dab of French mustard.

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