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6 Must-Have Baking Tools and Gadgets

February 24, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu 0 Comments

6 Must-Have Baking Tools and Gadgets

Like any craft or art, you can’t improve your skills without the right equipment. A painter needs a canvas and brushes, a sculptor needs clay and if you are a baker – you just may need to following six items to bring your baking to a whole new level. If you are enrolled in baking classes, you have probably heard of, or maybe even used, some of these items. If you are just staring out in the world of baking and are self taught, these may be new to you. Try making these the next gadgets in your kitchen wish list and perhaps you will find that recipes are easier to follow (and even create) when you have the right equipment.

Silicone baking mat

Years ago, perhaps this list would have featured many rubber or plastic tools – today, it’s all about silicon. It’s used for a variety of purposes in the kitchen and is especially well loved by baking enthusiasts everywhere due to its fabulous “non-stick” qualities.  The silicone baking mat is beginning to blow the age old parchment paper out of the water (or perhaps, more correctly, the oven). From making cookies to making candies, the texture of silicone allows for a safe and convenient, no mess option as it lines any pan you would like to use it in.

A grease-free bowl

There are many reasons that plastic bowls can be more trouble than they are worth in the kitchen. They are difficult to clean, difficult to prepare anything in and they also can also hold in grease and fat. If you are looking to add more mixing bowls to your collection, switch to metal or glass. These will allow for convenient cleaning and no absorption of grease or fatty materials.

Stackable cooling rack

Perhaps nothing is worse than when you reach into the oven with your mitted hand only to remove your tray of perfectly baked cookies only to realize you have nowhere to have them properly cool. Cooling racks have long been a staple of the kitchen. If you live in an apartment of have a small amount of space in your kitchen, purchasing some stackable cooling racks can prove invaluable. This space-saving cooling rack helps make baking run far more smoothly for the space-restrained baker.

Proper measuring tools

Unlike its more “free-hand” counterpart, baking requires far more precision than the art of cooking. Most ingredients must be perfectly measured out before adding them to any baked goods recipe. For most desserts and other baked products, it’s not really “a pinch of this and a pinch of that.” Ingredients need to be properly measured in both measuring cups and measuring spoons. If you do not have these items, perhaps these should be one of your first purchases when outfitting your kitchen.

Countertop scale

There are some recipes, that even the smallest variance from the original instructions can leave a baked item tasting bland or not the right texture. Many established pastry chefs have found that using a countertop scale renders a far more favorable outcome when it comes to being precise with ingredients.

French rolling pin

Unlike the average rolling pin you are most accustomed to seeing, one consisting of an equal shaped long body and two handles, the French rolling pin tappers in on one side and does not have any handles. This makes it ideal for rolling out thin cookie dough and many professionals prefer it to the ordinary rolling pins, since the pressure applied to the dough is more direct and therefore allows for extra control. If you are enrolled in baking classes, you have most likely seen this one in action. 

If you dream of baking in Portland, perhaps baking classes, combined with some cooking classes can help get you on the fast track this year.

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