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A cake for local US Navy Master Chief Tom Frierson

January 6, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta 0 Comments

From Chef Guy Anderson

Last week Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta made a cake for local US Navy Master Chief Tom Frierson, who retired after 25 years.  While I have been the liaison to the Southeast Command through the Master Chief, Le Cordon Bleu has had several great opportunities to provide for the US Navy.

First, US Navy Day Atlanta where we provided host to, what I thought was to be 10 Navy personnel, ended up being around 30, 10 of which served on the Blue Team USS Georgia Nuclear Submarine.  This day also served as a model for a Lt. Commander for the US Navy Public Affairs to allow Le Cordon Bleu to play host to Navy events in cities where we have schools.
Second, through the Master Chief we were able to provide a cake to the Southeastern Command Change held at the State Capital Building hosting a number of Navy VIPs as well as the Governor.  That cake was provided by a baking and pastry student Jenna Ice.  With the assistance of Chef Fernandez and maybe some others in the baking and pastry department, we provided a Le Cordon Bleu caliber cake that I would have put up against any of the big cake designers anywhere in the U.S.  Her creativity was only unmatched until the most recent cake.  But cake made its way to the Governor’s Office that day, where we provided the entire staff with cake and a Rice Krispy Navy Fighter Jet that is still being talked about.  At that time the Southern Command presented Chef Guy Anderson and Student Chef Jenna Ice with the Command Leadership Medal which is only given to VIPs.  SO great ending there.
Chef George was a big part of the show piece cake that you will see attached.  I also could not say anything more, without acknowledging that Chef DiFonzo, Chef Glenn and Chef Halbruner made a very large multilevel cake that we used for cutting, so we did not have to touch the centerpiece for the Chief. 
I got to witness the ringing and whistling out of one of the most well liked and one of the most powerful Master Chiefs in the United States Navy.  The ceremony itself was very pomp and circumstance that few civilians have ever seen.  As I cried like a baby, with traditional seamanship and Navy stories and letters and songs.  It made this American feel grateful once again to be a part of the liaison with the USN Southern Command.  And as I was gaining composure to get to my duty station, the Admiral or Commander stood up after the chief had whistled out ..."We would like to ask The US Navy SE Commands favorite Chef to come up and say a few words.  Well, I just looked and felt like someone had told me my cat had died.  Not comprehending the first invite, the Commander stepped up and sternly said Chef Anderson... in the Navy when a ranking Officer - this meaning the Admiral asks for you to come up - well ... you come on up a lot faster.  I was lost for words...yeah I know "Mr. let me talk I can ramble at them forget the question they were asking."  I gained a little composure and thanked the Navy for all they do throughout the world making all of us feel safe.  I said something like "On behalf of Le Cordon Bleu International and more specifically North American and the Atlanta College of Culinary Arts, wanted to present a cake to the Master Chief for all he has done in what sounded like a wonderful ride with the Navy and most recently with me on the few events, noted above, we ran together.   With that being said I would like to present the Master Chief a Copper Le Cordon Bleu pin.  I told him I thought that the Copper Pins were representative of the Copper being the best metal for cooking in a kitchen and that many of the faculty wear the Copper Le Cordon Bleu insignia and that we want you to have one that it gave you all of the privileges an rights as any other customer coming in to eat at our restaurant!
But it was a wonderful emotional day for LCB Atlanta and the US Navy because together we are a great team that can really be the icing on whatever cake they are trying to work.  I want to thank The Executive Chef and both a.m. and p.m. Chefs for support to do this type of event to continue in the future with all US Navy needs anywhere in the world.  The Master Chief that took his place will be calling in a few weeks to set up a couple days where they want to fly us out to a ship and let us bang pans for a few days with the men and women on a fighting ship.  The most recent ship we were slated for is to be deployed right after Christmas and we are having to wait until another can be arranged.




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