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Easy to Make Picnic Meals

July 30, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Scottsdale 0 Comments

Easy to Make Picnic Meals

What better way is there to spend time with a loved one than to have a romantic picnic together?

Picnics are an excellent way to relax and enjoy yourself in the company of some of your favorite people. Picking out the stereotypical picnic foods can be pretty easy but it's not so simple making your picnic special. You don't have to do too much or enroll in a complicated cooking classto give your picnic a little twist. Here are a few easy to make food choices that will give your picnic and your mouth that extra spark.

1) Sub Sandwich

This is a great way to make a small change to the traditional sandwich and potato chips meal. Instead of boring sliced bread, use a freshly baked French bread or Ciabatta bread to give your sandwich a much needed makeover. Do the same with the insides of the sandwich too. Instead of traditional combinations such as turkey and Swiss, add your own flavors to the sub. If you like guacamole, put it in the sub! Even salsa can top off a sandwich quite well. It is usually a good idea to choose flavors that contrast each other like sweet and salty or soft and crispy. As plain as a sandwich sounds, it doesn't have to be a boring food if you know how to spice it up.

2) Combination Salad

While traditional salads make good sides, they don't always serve as a filling meal. You can toss just about any variety of fruits, veggies, and proteins into a bowl to create a great salad. This is one technique commonly taught in cooking classes at Arizona culinary schools since the hot weather leads itself to make lighter meals. If you prefer a lighter meal without all those extra carbs, add some meat to your salad for a healthy and refreshing meal. The most common choice of protein in a salad is chicken breast because it is light and low in fat. However, don't limit yourself to poultry or even white meat. In many Asian countries, beef steak is commonly added to salad to give it a bolder taste and to make it more substantial. Nuts are also great for salads because they are high in good fats and proteins. Dry fruit such as cranberries, blueberries, and raisins give a salad a sweet edge that contrasts the saltiness of meat. To top off a salad, add a flavorful homemade dressing.

3) Pastas

The reason why pastas make such great picnic foods is that they can be cooked at home to your exact specifications and then packed into a container for easy storage and carrying. All of the classic favorites can be made beforehand and packaged for your picnic date. The major ingredients can be picked up from a grocery store and put together in your kitchen. All you really have to do is boil the pasta, reheat the pre-made meats, and add in the store-bought sauce. Spaghetti and meatballs, beef stroganoff, chicken fettuccine alfredo, and even mac and cheese can be shared with a partner on a green lawn under a shining sun. All you have to do is bring disposable silverware and you're all set.

4) Hot Dog or Hamburger

These classic American foods are a favorite of so many people. You can choose to go the traditional route and prepare a grilled hotdog with ketchup and mustard or a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, and American cheese. You could also decide to get creative and top of your burger with a fried egg and salsa or do a Chicago-style hotdog with peppers and relish. No matter what your preferences are, you can make it happen for a picnic. If you decide you enjoy cooking, Arizona culinary schools are located in the Scottsdale area.

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