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6 Healthy Fried Food Alternatives

September 6, 2012 Le Cordon Bleu Minneapolis/St. Paul 0 Comments

6 Healthy Fried Food Alternatives

Face it: fried foods taste great. Anything and everything fried becomes a crispy, golden-brown morsel of crunchy and flaky deliciousness. From candy bars and Twinkies to spaghetti and pizza, just about every food can be tossed into a fryer and come out twice as good. Even unappealing (to some) greens such as Brussels sprouts transform into mouth-watering delicacies after a trip to the fry bath. Sadly, eating a diet full of fried goodies is a sure way to find yourself overweight, unhealthy, and living with a shortened lifespan. If you love the taste of fried food, there are plenty of healthier alternatives that may satisfy your insatiable craving. The healthy food trend has been taking over and if you attend school for culinary techniques, you will likely learn many of the following alternatives.

1) Try baking
Baking is a much healthier alternative to deep-frying because it is a completely different cooking method that uses convection and heat to crisp up the food. With baking, you are not dunking your food into a bath of high-fat cooking oils, and as a result, you would not be consuming the grease and oil drenched batter or crust of the fried food. This process significantly reduces your fat and calorie intake while retaining the crispy texture that makes deep-fried foods so good. Any school for culinary arts will teach you some more intricate recipes, however, if you are at home try a baked panko-breaded chicken. It is a far better choice than traditional fried chicken and easy-to-make.

2) Pan sear your favs
Pan searing meats is an excellent way to get that charred, crispy texture when you are in the mood for something else that's deep-fried. The caramelization that occurs on the edges of the meat will trap in the juices and bring extra flavor to an otherwise flat and floppy steak. For most people, a well-seasoned steak that is nicely seared on all sides would be a fine alternative to a pan-fried steak.

3) Grilling is good
One of the healthiest ways to eat is to grill your food. Not only does it add a great smoky flavor and charred texture, grilling literally melts the fat off of meats keeping them nice and lean. Grilled vegetables are also full of flavor and very nutritious. Even though deep-frying and grilling are almost on opposite ends of the spectrum, a savory grilled salmon filet might make you want to pass on the greasy fish and chips. Culinary schools in Minnesota will teach you many grilling techniques that will leave your mouth watering.

4) Broiling is better
Very much like grilling, broiling is another means of cooking with a heat source. The difference here is that with broiling, the heat comes from above instead of below. It is another smart choice that will keep your heart healthy and your body in shape.

5) Stewing for you
This food preparation technique is most often used to mix and mingle the different flavors of meats and veggies in a pot. Water is added to the solid ingredients and then the whole thing is cooked using low heat and lots of time. The combination of flavors achieved from a proper stew will probably make you forget fried foods for a very long time.

6) Super healthy steaming

Ranking among the healthiest cooking methods of all time, steaming cooks foods by trapping it in superheated water vapors. Steaming does not require any oil or excess fat in the process, so every delicious morsel you put into your mouth is piping hot and fresh without having a greasy taste. While probably the polar opposite of deep-frying, steaming is so deliciously different that it might make you crave light-and-tasty instead of rich-and-heavy.

Try any of these alternatives to frying and your body will thank you! Culinary school in Minnesota is a great option for those looking to learn additional techniques.

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