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7 Things to Grill on Labor Day That Aren’t Beef

September 19, 2012 Emily Murray Las Vegas 0 Comments

7 Things to Grill on Labor Day That Aren’t Beef

Hamburgers. Hot Dogs. Steaks. What is better than a hot, juicy serving of beef straight from the grill, especially on big picnic days like Labor Day. But if you don’t like beef, are a vegetarian, or simply want to cook something different this year, you may be looking for other ideas. We’ve put together a list of seven foods to grill this Labor Day that aren’t beef.

Take a look and maybe you’ll find something that you can turn into the centerpiece of a tasty Labor Day cook out. Surprise your friends at culinary school in Nevada with the bold and unique flavors of these delicious grilled foods:

  • Pork
    Whether it’s chops, ribs, shoulder, or pork belly, pork is a perfect grilling food. Try adding some new spices, rubs, or finishing sauces to your favorite cuts to really bring out the great flavor. Try adding some diced bacon to ground pork and barbecue spices for a delicious “pulled pork” burger.
  • Corn on the Cob
    Add your favorite chilies and a spritz of lime juice and you’ll turn this commonplace vegetable into a robust Mexican-style dish that’ll add flair to any meal.
  • Eggplant
    Eggplant is well-suited to grilling. Thick meaty slice of grilled eggplant can take the place of meat for vegetarians or become a perfect side dish. Try a simple marinade like olive oil and balsamic vinegar for added flavor.
  • Fish Tacos
    Talapia is cheap and widely available. Marinate cube fillets in olive oil, lime juice, and cilantro before quickly cooking them on the grill. Add some freshly shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and sprinkling of queso fresco for authentic Baja flavor. You can also grill your tortillas to bring more of the grill to the table. This is a dish that is worthy of any culinary arts school’s students.
  • Salmon
    There may be no other fish better suited for grilling. Be sure to buy sustainable, wild-caught salmon from Alaska or the Pacific Northwest. Farm raised Atlantic salmon isn’t as tasty. It’s also filled with antibiotics and higher levels of mercury. If you’ve never tried it, consider the cedar plank grilling method for that beautiful, pink salmon.
  • Pizza
    If you’ve ever had pizza from a wood-fired oven, then you’ve essentially had grilled pizza. You can make the same type of crispy and smoky pizza on your home grill. The key is indirect heat. Don’t put the pie directly over the hot coals. Place it off to the side so that your grill becomes an oven. Thinner crusts and high heat are the secrets to success.
  • Fruit
    We’ve already made pizza on the grill. Why not dessert? You can grill just about any fruit, but two of the best pineapple and peaches. Both work well with bourbon brown sugar sauces that caramelize over the flames and add extra flavor to the fruit.


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