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Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts – Culinary Central

Welcome to Culinary Central

  • Free-Range-Turkey-Whats-the-Difference

    November 8, 2011 Le Cordon Bleu Le Cordon Bleu 0 Comments

    We have all been to the store and seen turkey that is being sold as free range. As a chef or a student in a cooking class one of the culinary arts decisions you will need to make is what grade and quality of meat you will purchase. We have all been to the store and seen turkey that is being sold as free range. What does that really mean and is it worth the additional cost. That can be answered by how you feel about how the turkeys are treated during their life before they become dinner. The term free range has many meanings and the FDA actually has a pretty vague definition of what free range means. Essentially, free range means that the birds have access to outdoors at some point during the day. The FDA does not specify how long, what time during the day or what the conditions are that the birds live in while they are outside. Continue...

  • How-the-Turkey-Became-a-Holiday-Icon

    November 4, 2011 Le Cordon Bleu Portland 0 Comments

    Most of us have known the turkey as the symbol of Thanksgiving since our earliest days of school arts and crafts. The ever popular trace-your-hand-and-make-it-a-turkey craft remains a staple in many elementary and preschools today. But the nation’s love of the turkey goes back much further than your own childhood. Continue...

  • Scaling Down a Thanksgiving Meal – Making a Feast for Two

    November 4, 2011 Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco 0 Comments

    Traditionally, Thanksgiving is the time for lots of food and large gatherings of friends and family. Many times, the dishes are prepared by many of those attending the meal. But for those who feel like having a more intimate gathering this holiday, it can be rather challenging to find culinary info to guide you on how to scale down the recipes that are normally calculated to feed many. Everyone loves Thanksgiving leftovers, but most people can only eat so many turkey sandwiches and other creative leftover creations. Continue...

  • Five Ways to Beat Calories This Thanksgiving

    November 3, 2011 Le Cordon Bleu Chicago 0 Comments

    There is no doubt that Thanksgiving has driven more diets and healthy lifestyle choices off the rails than any other day. You are diligent all year long and then your mom sets her famous Thanksgiving table and all bets are off. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still enjoy Turkey Day and make sensible choices that won’t leave you full of pecan pie and guilt. Continue...

  • How to Cook a Thanksgiving Feast without the Meat

    November 3, 2011 Le Cordon Bleu Orlando 0 Comments

    The idea of a Thanksgiving feast without the turkey is enough to boggle the minds of many. How is it possible to prepare a festive meal without the staple of the season? Surprisingly, it’s not that difficult. There are many people who choose to forgo the meat on Thanksgiving and the challenge simply adds a whole new dimension to the creative culinary arts. In the Orlando culinary scene, there are certain veggie loving restaurants that dedicate portions of their menu to the meatless population. However, for many, part of the holiday season is about gathering around the kitchen and creating a homemade feast the whole family will love. Continue...

  • A-Guide-to-the-Perfect-Turkey

    November 2, 2011 Le Cordon Bleu Le Cordon Bleu 0 Comments

    Thanksgiving is near and everyone’s thoughts are turning to turkey. It’s a bird so remarkable that Ben Franklin wanted to make it our national symbol instead of the bald eagle. Whether you are getting ready to prepare a Thanksgiving feast or just want to know more about adding this tasty fowl to non-holiday meals, we’ve prepared a simple guide to getting the most out of your turkeys. Learning how to properly cook a turkey is a must for your culinary education. Continue...

  • A Traditional New England Thanksgiving Menu

    November 2, 2011 Le Cordon Bleu Boston 0 Comments

    New England is the physical and cultural home to Thanksgiving in the United States. The 3-day feast shared between 53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans in 1621 is the model for our modern celebration of Thanksgiving. Originally celebrated to give thanks to God for a bountiful harvest, it has become a secular holiday that revolves around family and delicious home-cooked meals. It has also evolved from a Massachusetts culinary tradition to a national holiday celebrated each year on the fourth Tuesday of November. Continue...

  • Thanksgiving in the South

    November 1, 2011 Le Cordon Bleu Austin 0 Comments

    Thanksgiving may be an American tradition that started in the North, but Southern cooks have used their own food traditions to turn Thanksgiving into a quintessential Southern holiday. Everyone from home cooks to graduates of culinary schools in Texas has made delicious contributions to Southern Thanksgiving traditions. Continue...

  • Give Thanksgiving a New Twist … Deep-Fry Your Turkey

    November 1, 2011 Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta 0 Comments

    When most of us think about a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner, we think about our hot, juicy, and crispy turkey coming out of an oven. More and more people, however, have different thoughts. They think of their bird hanging upside down as it is pulled out of a large fryer out on the back patio. Continue...

  • Don’t Like Veggies? Try Roasting Them

    October 31, 2011 Le Cordon Bleu St. Louis 0 Comments

    The scientific and anecdotal evidence is everywhere you look: Eating more vegetables is good for you. From losing weight to fighting diabetes to preventing heart disease and certain cancers, consuming more and greater varieties of vegetables in your diet will make you healthier. With a deep connection to America’s farming heartland the St. Louis culinary arts scene has long history with vegetables of all varieties. Like everywhere else, however, more needs to be done to incorporate vegetables in everyday meals. Continue...

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