Parents – Culinary Education for High School Grads

Industry-Focused Training to a Bachelor's Degree

It's natural for parents to want their sons and daughters to be happy and successful in life. Le Cordon Bleu provides culinary education that is an inclusive, collaborative community where students are encouraged to explore their untapped talent and turn their creative potential into marketable skills. The confidence our students can develop here helps get them ready to work in the culinary world.

Some kids aren't cut out for traditional school, and that's okay. At an industry-focused school like Le Cordon Bleu they can focus solely on acquiring the skills and experience for the culinary, pastry and hospitality industry.

But if you're set on your child getting a college degree, Le Cordon Bleu can give you both what you're looking for. Our culinary education programs offer Certificate, Associate and Bachelor's degrees, making it possible for students to get the culinary training they want and continue down the educational pathway all the way to a Bachelor's.

Their culinary journey starts with hands-on training in cooking or baking and pastry. When they complete their training and industry externships, they have several options. They can go out and start working in the industry. Or they can start their career and continue on for an advanced degree. They can also continue at Le Cordon Bleu and get a Bachelor's online before starting their career – the same as at traditional colleges.

Le Cordon Bleu is the Leader in Culinary Education

As the #1 culinary school* in the country, we've provided the path for nearly 80,000 graduates to get their start. The restaurant industry offers exciting career options – with 1.3 million culinary jobs expected to be added by 2023**.


Our Admissions Representatives are experienced in helping high school student and young adults. We welcome any questions you or your child may have and encourage you to come for a campus tour where you can meet some of our chefs, walk through our kitchens and see classrooms in session. Come feel the excitement and community of people who love cooking.

Culinary Education Scholarships

We offer a variety of academic and competition scholarships. Our individual campuses also offer area specific scholarships. For more information, speak with an Admissions Representative or check them out in the catalog.

Apartment Services

Le Cordon Bleu will help students connect with apartment finder services. We encourage students to find apartments close to public transportation or within walking or biking distance to the school to make it easier to attend classes.

* Le Cordon Bleu in North America had more culinary graduates in the USA than any other national network of culinary schools, for the years 2006 to 2013. Source: IPEDS.

** This is a national estimate that refers to all levels of positions within the culinary industry Source: National Restaurant Association Statistics in your area may vary..