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The Le Cordon Bleu® School presents LE CORDON BLEU DE PARIS® Cooking Classes for Professionals and Enthusiasts

Classes will feature a chef instructor who will demonstrate in online live instruction using LE CORDON BLEU® cooking techniques, which will cover, from time to time the following topics:

  • The LE CORDON BLEU DE PARIS® courses focus on the basics in the culinary arts such as cooking methods, menu development, knife skills, baking principles, and the science and technology behind beer and wine.
  • The basics of sustainable farm-to-table food preparation and menu development.
  • Cordon Vert® class which features the preparation of nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals, wine and beverage pairings with different vegetarian meals and a cooking competition.
  • An overview of the basic regions and varietals of wine, the production and styles of alcoholic beverages, and the tasting and pairing of wines, beers, and spirits with food.
  • Our Cordontec® course gives you a behind the scenes view of the Cordontec® technical training of restaurant chefs which allows them to produce consistent results. The course will include insight into the business side of restaurants and wine selection at restaurants. This will also include a cooking competition.
  • Other seasonally inspired cooking demonstrations.

The periodic classes are open to any resident of the United States and are complimentary but do require advance registration. A list of topics and techniques to be covered and suggested ingredients will be emailed so that participants can follow along with the chef instructor.

The classes are not credit-bearing and are for demonstrative purposes only. For those interested in a degree in the business side of hospitality, American InterContinental University offers its Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Le Cordon Bleu® Hospitality Management.


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September 30 – 12:00 pm CST – Secrets of a Restaurant Chef

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The Le Cordon Bleu® School has been established to provide cooking and related classes that incorporate classic French cooking techniques along with food sustainability, cleanliness and nutrition. In addition, our classes will also cover areas such as vegetarian meals, baking, and wine pairings. The LCB School is designed to assist in professional development and continuing adult education, with a particular interest in classes for cooking enthusiasts.

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